Treat them as Cycle Awards, not Nandi Awards?

Treat them as Cycle Awards, not Nandi Awards
Treat them as Cycle Awards, not Nandi Awards

Producer Bandla Ganesh made serious allegations against the TDP Government over the Nandi Awards. He went on to say Nandi Awards announced have been like a One Day Entertainment Show. He questioned, ‘It’s been proven that injustice is being done to mega family. Is it justifiable to take Best Actor award when someone is part of the Nandi Award Committee? I won’t say Balakrishna is ineligible but I am pained that none of the Mega Heroes were given awards’.

Bandla Ganesh: ‘I would agree that ‘Legend’ is a blockbuster and My film ‘Govindudu Andarivaadele’ is an average but look at the wonderful performance by Ram Charan. Endakalam Enda, Vanakalam Vana, TDP-Kalam Idhi, Vallu Emi Chebithe Adi Cheyyali’.

The Producer questioned how can Loukyam be a wholesome entertainment film. ‘I have nothing against Nandi Awards Jury..I just feel pity on you. These aren’t Nandi Awards but Cycle Awards. Raghupathi Venkaiah award for Chiranjeevi is an eye-wash act,’ he alleges.