Terrific Response For Renu Desai Interview?

Terrific Response For Renu Desai Interview
Terrific Response For Renu Desai Interview

Renu Desai has given an exclusive interview to a popular News Channel recently. She revealed many untold facts about her personal life and issued clarifications over few controversies as well. So, There is huge curiosity among people over the content of this interview session.

The pre-recorded interview was telecasted on the News Channel at 8.30 PM on Sunday. While the interview was going on, The channel asked its viewers the question – ‘Whether they gonna believe what Renu Desai spoke in the interview?’. While 78 percent of the respondents said YES, whereas 12 percent pressed NO at the start of the Interview.

During the halfway stage, The percentage of people supporting Renu Desai has grown to 85 percent. By the time it ended, As many as 91 percent of respondents stood supportive of her.

In the recent past, No other Film Celebrity managed to receive such a overwhelming response from the public. Renu Desai would have been pleasantly surprised because she mostly received hate message for her recent posts on social media.