Rs.12 Crores For Just 30 Minutes?

Rs 12 Crores For Just 30 Minutes
Rs 12 Crores For Just 30 Minutes

It is a known fact known fact that the remunerations of Bollywood heroes will be very high. Moreover if the movie becomes a hit, they even take some percentage of the collections. So, the heroes are competing at the box office to join the club of Rs. 300 crores with their movies. On the other side, the heroines of these movies are also lucky.

Bollywood actresses these days are also demanding the remunerations as high as the pay of the heroes. Especially beautiful actress Priyanka Chopra is even demanding a payment of crores just for attending the events. Recently, she demanded Rs. 12 crores as remuneration to dance in an award show which is going to get held in December. The performance would be of just 30 minutes and the actress is asking the pay in crores which is depicting the craze for this beauty.

Currently, Priyanka Chopra is not only ruling the Bollywood, but also getting good offers from Hollywood as well. She starred in some TV series and also did her debut movie in Hollywood. She is only accepting crazy projects from Bollywood. As per the talk the actress is also demanding high remuneration.