PSV Garuda Vega Review

PSV Garuda Vega Review
PSV Garuda Vega Review

Movie Review: PSV Garuda Vega

Rating: 2.75/5

Cast: Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar, Kishore, Adit, Shraddha Das, Nasser, Adarsh Balakrishna, Sunny Leone and Others.

Cinematography: Anji

Music: Sri Charan Pakala – Bheems

Producer: Koteswara Raju

Story & Dialogues: Praveen Sattaru-Niranjan Reddy

Screenplay & Direction: Praveen Sattaru

Release Date: 3rd November 2017

Rajasekhar scored his last hit (Evadaithe Nakenti) exactly a decade ago. He incurred huge losses with ‘Gaddam Gang’ which he produced. After a long gap, The Senior Actor is back with ‘Garuda Vega’ directed by National Award Winning Flick. Budget of this thriller is multiple times bigger than Rajasekhar’s current market value. But, The Producer has come forward to invest Rs 25 crore believing the content. Let’s see if his judgement is right or wrong…


Chandrasekhar (Rajasekhar) is an undercover cop of National Investigative Agency (NIA). As part of his job, He hides his identity and ends up facing problems with his Wife (Pooja Kumar). At the time when his Wife seeks divorce from him, Chandrasekhar was assigned a New Mission by NIA. The issue is related to a Hacker & Terror Attack planned in Hyderabad. Watch on the big screen to know how the NIA Officer accomplished his mission successfully!


In his comeback flick, Rajasekhar delivers a terrific performance as tough cop. The effort put in by him in action sequences could be seen onscreen.

Pooja Kumar as Hero’s Nagging Wife does a decent job. Adit as Hacker is brilliant. Villain Role played by Kishore could have been better. Nasser, Ravi Varma and Charan Deep impress as NIA Officers. Posani & Ali does well in the short roles they did.



Action Sequences

Production Values



Second Half


Music jointly composed by Sri Charan Pakala and Bheems is alright. Both the Songs in the movie are just okay. Whereas, Background Score is awesome. Re-recording has been in perfect sync with the thriller concept. Camera Work by Anji lacked consistency. While few scenes were shot superbly, Clarity was found missing at times. Production Values are lavish. Producer deserves all the credit for taking such a huge risk believing in the content. Action Episodes in the movie were shot well. The conviction with which Praveen Sattaru directed the film is commendable. Audience could see his determination to deliver a Thriller with International standards. He maintains the wow factor in few sequence but the tempo drops in some portions. He, however, makes the movie thoroughly enjoyable with a gripping screenplay. Better Editing in the Second Half could have made the film look lot better.


A Rajasekhar’s Film with a budget of Rs 25 crore appeared like a joke of the year until the launch of ‘PSV Garuda Vega’ Trailer. Even after watching the impressive promos, Film Buffs have the doubt whether or not the project lives up to the tall claims of the Makers. All the doubts have been answered with an engaging Spy Thriller.

A good intensity has been maintained throughout the movie. Screenplay & Production Values have been the biggest assets. Praveen Sattaru choose a contemporary subject & executed the story based on a huge scam in a thrilling manner. This film creates awareness among people about how NIA Works & how tough their job is going to be.

Family Issues of Hero appear a bit stretched in the beginning. Once the NIA Mission kickstarts, The pace of the movie picks up and sequences based on bomb blast were executed extremely well. Scene where the Bomb Blast conspiracy is being chased is thrilling to say the least. Viewers have a pretty good feeling by the end of Interval. In Second Half, Scenes unveiling the Core Concept appears a bit confusing. Tempo drops after the Nuclear Weapon sequence.

Sunny Leone’s Item Number was included purely for the sake of business but it’s more a like a distraction. Of course, Masses will have blast watching her hot moves and beautiful picturization. Few Comedy Scenes found a place in this Thriller for the sake of entertainment. The role of Antagonist wasn’t etched properly. Making the villain much stronger to through a tough challenge to Hero could have made this movie even better. Overall, ‘PSV Garuda Vega’ marks Angry Young Man’s Comeback and he will always be proud of this movie.

Bottom Line: An Engaging Spy Thriller!