Power Star Calling End with 25th?

Power Star Calling End with 25th!
Power Star Calling End with 25th!

Power Star Pawan Kalyan has a huge fan base in Tollywood. Whenever his movie is getting released, the expectations on that will be skyhigh. The fans celebrate his movie release like a festival but it seems that there won’t be any celebrations for Pawan fans after a few days. Because Pawan Kalyan has decided to concentrate more on politics from now on.

Ever since Pawan Kalyan established his own party, so many rumours came out that he is going to take a break from the film industry. Even Pawan Kalyan also stated the same in some occasions. As per the sources Agnathavasi movie which marks the 25th in his career will be his last movie and Pavan might not think about films afterwards. So, Pawan Kalyan’s career will end with 25 movies. However, others are commenting that Pawan’s decision will entirely depend on the election result in 2019. As soon as the shooting of Agnathavasi gets completed Pawan Kalyan is going to focus on his Janasena party.

There is only a few time left for the next government elections. As a politician Pawan Kalyan has to work hard to develop his party. It is a known fact that when Mythri Movie Makers came forward and offered Rs. 40 crores as remuneration, Pawan Kalyan rejected it which is a clear sign that Pawan is not going to do his 26th movie anytime soon and his decision will depend on the election results. Let’s see what happens.