Okkadu Migiladu Review

Okkadu Migiladu Review
Okkadu Migiladu Review

Movie Review: Okkadu Migiladu

Rating: 2/5

Cast: Manchu Manoj, Ajay Nuthakki, Anisha Ambrose, Jennifer, Milind Gunaji, Murali Mohan, Suhasini, Posani Krishna Murali, Banerjee and Others.

Siva Nandigam

Cinematography: Ramaraju

Producers: SN Reddy-Lakshmikanth

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Ajay Nuthakki

Release Date: 
10th of November 2017

After back-to-back disasters like Shourya, Attack & Gunturodu, Manchu Manoj arrived with ‘Okkadu Migiladu’ which is based on the LTTE movement in Sri Lanka. This film inspired from a revolutionary movement hit the screens Today.


Surya (Manchu Manoj) is one of the refugees who had come from Sri Lanka. While pursuing PG in the University, He fights for the rights of Students when three girl students lose their lives because of a Professor & Minister’s Sons. That’s when he faces torture from the Police. Surya gets to known about his roots and under what circumstances he migrated to India from Sri Lanka from a Cop. What’s that flashback & what did he achieve in the present times with the fighting spirit he had in him forms the rest of the tale.


Manchu Manoj played two roles in ‘Okkadu Migiladu’. While one of them is the character of Peter that’s hugely inspired from LTTE Head Prabhakaran, The other one is that of a college student by name Surya. He did manage to show variations in both the characters. While Manoj showed peak emotion while playing Peter, He did a fine job as Surya.

Anisha Ambrose is decent in the role of a Reporter. Director Ajay Nuthakki who essayed the crucial character of Victor scores brownie points with his matured performance. Even Jennifer who was paired opposite him does a good job. The Actor in the role of Kumaran during the boat sailing sequence is deserves a special mention. Murali Mohan, Milind Gunaji, Posani and Suhasini are adequate.








Music by Siva Nandigam is good enough. Bit Songs in the movie were composed well. Background Score provided by him in few sequences is heart-touching. Camera Work by Ramaraju is alright. The effort put in by him to deliver the best output in challenging conditions could be seen onscreen. Production Values are up to the market range of Manoj’s market. Writer-cum-Director Ajay Nuthakki made ‘Okka Migiladu’ only because he got connected to LTTE Movement in Sri Lanka so well. He, however, failed to present the subject with required detailing and in a gripping manner. A lot of hardwark has been put by the whole team to make a movie based on social issue and that’s something everybody must appreciate.


Cinema is meant for entertaining audiences with various elements like comedy, action, dance, sentiment  & etc., How much the people are able to connect with the subject is what matters the most. Elements should be served in right proportion to make this happen. In the case of ‘Okkadu Migiladu’, There is a bit of overdose in action and emotion.

The unique attempt made by Director Ajay Nuthakki is appreciable. However, Required depth while presenting such a serious war drama went missing. Overdose of sentiment in the boat sequence tests the patience of the viewers to some extent. Crisp Editing would have made it look bearable.

Lack of enough heart touching scenes or emotions is the major drawback of ‘Okkadu Migiladu’. Of course, Director succeeded in bringing the required emotional quotient towards the end of Sri Lankan episode. Few sad tales narrated during the boat sequence are also worth mentioning. Still, It must be said that Makers haven’t focussed much on the actual issue or the plight of Tamilians. Most of preference is being given for the action episodes featuring Sri Lankan Army & Tamil Tigers.

While the Flashback is full of action and sentiment, There is not much speciality in the sequences featuring Manoj as College Student to keep the audience hooked to the screens. ‘Okkadu Migiladu’ is for those who can appreciate high dose of action and sentiment.

Bottom Line: Too Much of Action & Sentiment!