Is Naga Shourya jealous of Sai Pallavi?

Is Naga Shourya jealous of Sai Pallavi?
Is Naga Shourya jealous of Sai Pallavi?

Well, this is not our question but the question trending on Social Media, after watching the latest interview of Naga Shourya on a news channel. The actor did a movie with Sai Pallavi, Kanam which is scheduled for a release in February in Tamil and Telugu.

The actor revealed that Sai Pallavi has an attitude problem and she thinks she is bigger star than many big actors in Telugu Cinema. He also said, she had caused some problems to the production due to her starry tantrums.

He further attributed the success of Fidaa to others and he said that Sai Pallavi is just a part of the film and the choices of director Kammula Shekar. He said Varun Tej should also get equal name as they both acted in the film and if it is not for Telangana slang, her character wouldn’t have been so much interesting.

The actor seems to be not happy with the producers of Kanam trying to project the movie as Sai Pallavi’s movie.

But when a bigger male star is in the film, we are normally okay with it being projected as his film, so why not the same in the female star’s case?