Gruham Movie Review
Gruham Movie Review

Movie Review: Gruham

Rating: 3.0/5

Cast: Siddharth, Andrea Jeremiah,  Anisha, Atul Kulkarni, Suresh and Others.

Music: Girish

Cinematography: Shreyas Krishna

Story & Screenplay: Milind Rao-Siddharth

Producer: Siddharth

Milind Rao

Release Date: 17th of November 2017

Can a Hero who have the image of a chocolate boy do an out & out horror flick? After creating a romantic image with films such as ‘Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana’ & ‘Bommarillu’, Siddharth has surprised everyone with ‘Gruham’. Promos & Tall Claims of Siddharth during the promotions has raised the expectations on this movie. Does it live up to the hype?


Dr. Krishna Kumar alias Krishna (Siddharth), an expert Brain Surgeon, leads a happy life with his wife Lakshmi (Andrea Jeremiah). Ever since Paul’s (Atul Kulkarni) Family becomes their neighbours, Unusual things keep happening one after the other. Paul’s Daughter Jenny (Anisha) behaves in a manner that she is influenced by a ghost. Even Krishna’s Family lands in trouble while helping Paul’s Family overcome the phase. What the mystery behind the spooky incidents happening in the House? Do watch ‘Gruham’ to know the spine-chilling secrets!


Siddharth is a revelation in ‘Gruham’. Audience could only see the character he essayed while watching the movie. You get the feeling of watching a real Doctor because of the way Siddharth handled the character. He shows his calibre to the fullest in the Climax.

Andrea Jeremiah has done a fine job as Siddharth’s Wife. She even did few bold sequences. Needless to say, Sid is the best when it comes to romantic scenes.

It’s Anisha who stole the show with her brilliant performance as Jenny. The way she emotes in the interval sequence is shocking to say the least.

Atul Kulkarni, Suresh & the Actor who played the role of a Pastor has done justice to their roles.



Technical Finesse




Limited Reach


The expertise of Technicians could be seen in every frame of ‘Gruham’. Girish’s Background Score is refreshing & pulsating. He even frightened audience with silence as well at crucial intervals. Cinematography of Shreyas Krishna is top class. The color themes chosen by him elevated the impact of scenes. As Producer, Siddharth didn’t compromise on the quality. Director Milind Rao showed his grip on horror genre. You could see his grip on both writing & direction. He succeeded in delivering a horror film which stays true to the genre.


Some of the claims of Siddharath during the promotions of ‘Gruham’ helped in building the buzz around the movie & also raised doubts whether the content will live up to the expectations. He not only said it’s going to be a pure horror flick after a long gap but also maintained it will be off Hollywood Standards. But, Nobody would dare to complain upon watching this psychological thriller. Choosing a socially-relevant issue makes the people connect with it emotionally.

The basic plot of any Horror Movie will be more or less similar. Even ‘Gruham’ is no different but the way it’s been narrated, performances and new backdrop makes the difference. For any Horror Flick, Atmosphere is a crucial aspect. Setting the film in Himalayas backdrop offered a new experience to the viewer. The atmosphere in the house will take audience into the mood of the film instantly. Be it settings, background score & camera work, All of them contribute well to give a scary feeling.

Usually, Ghosts will be shown in a frightening manner to send shivers down the spine of film lovers in Horror Movies. There are few such scenes in ‘Gruham’ as well but Makers succeeded in scaring without showing the ghost too. For example, The scene where Jenny jumps into the well, Hallucination of Girl Child behind curtain and Music on Dictaphone.

‘Gruham’ takes off like a romantic flick and then transforms into a horror movie. The intimate scenes of the lead pair are very bold. After a slow start, Pace picks up with the entry of Jenny. The interval sequence where the ghost appears is spine chilling. Jenny’s role was sidelined after a point in Second Half. The film gets back on the track after the scary and emotionally-driven Flashback. Climax Twist is really surprising. Too many positives in the film overshadows few minor flaws. Overall, ‘Gruham’ is for those who are bored of Horror Comedies and wishes to experience the scary feeling.

Bottom Line:
 Gruham is Thrilling!