From which Rajmahal did Lakshmi Parvathi Arrive?

From which Rajmahal did Lakshmi Parvathi arrive
From which Rajmahal did Lakshmi Parvathi arrive

Lakshmi Parvathi is hell bent against ‘Lakshmi’s Veeragrandham’. She alleged Platform Fellows have been making film on her life to ruin her image.

In response, Director Kethireddy Jagadeswar Reddy questioned: ‘Lakshmi Parvathi called Me & My Producer as Platform Guys. From which Rajmahal did she arrive? I am ready for an open debate on this matter at her native village Thatiparru in Guntur District’.

Regarding the disruptions caused to the shootings, Kethireddy complains: ‘When Cops disrupted the shoot, Lakshmi Parvati says it’s pre-planned by us. The version she speaks with us is completely different from what she talks in the presence of media. Sad that the woman who claims to be NTR’s wife is using such a Language. NTR used to accept with a smile even when films which showed him in a bad light are released. Whereas, Lakshmi Parvati is now presenting her original character. People are observing everything, she need to stop her double standards at least now’.

On the warning issued by Lakshmi Parvathi that she would complain to KCR for stalling Lakshmi’s Veeragrandham, Kethireddy appealed NTR’s Widow to take him along with her so that he could present the facts he collected before the Telangana CM.